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MK Diamond Blades
sizearbor size suggested
list price
MK-158434 MK-225 HotDog Blade 75/8 $140.00
MK-158435 MK-225 HotDog blade 85/8 $155.00
MK-158436 MK-225 HotDog blade 105/8 $185.00
MK-159614 MK-225 HotDog Blade 45/8 $105.00
Wet cutting premium grade thin-rim diamond blade for hard materials, especially porcelain, granite, marble, slate and tile
Custs 10% faster, lasts 20% longer than standard blades.
Standard arbor size fits all the tile saws!
8Through the use of Micro Bead Technology, the MK-225 ensures a consistent cutting edge and eliminates porcelain surface chipping even the hardest porcelain tile.
The MK-225 HotDog diamond blade brings improved performance in cutting porcelain and tile
Innovative tension slots prevents dishing and blade wobble.
Premium grade thin-rim blades.
The patent pending stiffened slot and ultra-thin kerf allows the MK-225 to cut with less resistance than any other tile blade.
Decreased resistance means longer blade life and increased cutting effeciency.
Not for cutting: metal, plastic, wood, non-masonry material.
MK Glass Blades (Glass & General)
sizearbor size suggested
list price
MK-155949 MK-215GL Supreme Grade Metal Bond - 8" 8"5/8" $289.00
MK-155950 MK-215GL Supreme Grade Metal Bond - 10" 10"5/8" $375.00

The MK-215GL-XL has been engineered specifically for fine glass cutting where chipping is not acceptable. The combination of fine, evenly spaced diamonds and an improved bond allows the MK-215GL-XL to cut with no chipping and a remarkably smooth finish. This blade is excellent for providing straight, true and chip-free cuts in the following materials:

  • Porcelain Tile
  • Glass Tile
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Stained Glass
  • Art Glass
  • Ceramic Glass
  • Quartz Glass         
  • Tempered Glass

MK Natural Stone (Porcelain, Granite & Marble)
sizearbor size suggested
list price
MK-153251 MK-315 Tile/Marble/Granite - 8" WET 8"5/8" $190.00
MK-153252 MK-315 Tile/Marble/Granite - 10" WET 10"5/8" $225.00
Supreme grade, super high rim blade is designed to retain the cutting edge in order to provide consistent high performance for high production jobs - for tile, marble and granite. 
sizearbor size suggested
list price
MK-166968 TX-40 Tile and Stone Pro Blade - 10" 10"1" $215.00

TX-40 delivers what you’d expect from a top of the line diamond blade. This is MK Diamond’s very best for cutting tile & stone. From marble to granite, you can count on the TX-40 to get the job done. The thicker blade kerf and high rim height makes it the ideal choice for jobs that require miter cutting.

Pearl Diamond Blades - Glass Cutting
sizearbor sizemax/rpm suggested
list price
PRL-DTL10G 10" Continuous Rim Glass Blade 105/86100 $380.00
PRL-DTL07G 7" Continuous Rim Glass Blade 75/88500 $270.00
Glass blade is a specialized wheel for cutting glass tile. It provides for an exceptionally fast cut and minimizes chipping, due to special bonds within the diamonds and a thin matrix.
Recommended for usage on Glass Tile, Tile, Ceramic Tile, Marble, Soft Stone and Porcelain
For use with tile and hand held circular saws
Wet cutting only

Pearl Diamond Blades - Natural Stone (Porcelain, Granite, Marble)
sizearbor sizemax/rpm suggested
list price
PRL-PV10PT P2 Pro-V Segmented Porcelain - 10" 10"5/8"6,100 $155.00
PRL-PV08PT P2 Pro-V Segmented Porcelain - 8" 8"5/8"6,800 $110.00
PRL-PV04PT P2 Pro-V Segmented Porcelain - 4" 4"5/8"13,700 $47.50
P2 Pro-V Segmented Porcelain Blade has a continuous rim for a clean and chip-free cut. It is ideal for cutting extra hard ceramics, porcelain and other hard/dense materials. Can be used for wet or dry cutting. 
sizearbor sizemax/rpm suggested
list price
PRL-DIA010SD Super dry series SD Green Turbo 105/86100 $565.00
Recommended for usage on Granite, Block, Brick, Concrete, Marble, Natural Stone, Refractory Material, Soft Stone and Sand Stone.
For use with tile saws
Dry or wet cutting
Waved turbo blade adds stability to steel core, reduces cutting friction keeping core cool, and removes swarf (debris) from cutting path thus extending blade life

Pearl Diamond Blades - Porcelain/Tile Econo
sizearbor sizemax/rpm suggested
list price
PRL-PV008CT Pro-V series 85/86,800 $86.50
PRL-PV010CT Pro-V series 105/86,100 $115.00
PRL-PV004CT Pro-V Series 420mm13,700 $24.50
Pro-V series blades have 10mm rim height for longer life, Stong 060" steel core for clean, chip free cutting.

Recommended for usage on: Tile, Ceramic Tile, Marble, Soft Stone, and Porcelain
For use with tile saws
Wet cutting only

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