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September 1, 2021 — Price Updates (Tile, nVent Floor Heating & Schluter®)

October 1, 2021 — Dow Corning Silicone

3:1 Thick Bed Bedding Mortar
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CTBBM50 3:1 Thick Bed Mortar Grey- 50LB n/a562800 $20.50
Thick Bed Bedding Mortar is a pre-blended underlayment specifically designed to float as a substrate for ceramic tile. It is easy to mix and use, eliminating the need for site mixing of sand and cement. Thick Bed Bedding Mortar's 3:1 mix ratio provides a high strength surface ideal for tiling commercial and industrial installations and is also great for dry packing.
Marble & Granite Fortified Premium Mortar
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MGMG50 Marble & Granite fortified premium mortar - grey - 50 lbs n/a542700 $53.50
MGMW50 Marble & Granite fortified premium mortar - white - 50 lbs n/a542700 $65.75
Marble & Granite Mortar Mix is specifically formulated for installing natural stone, large modular tile, pavers, high lugged and heavy ribbed tile that require a medium bed mortar. Can be applied up to 3/4" (19mm) thick. Saves time and labor by minimizing the need for leveling and back-buttering. Use white formulation for installation of light coloured marbles. Just add water and mix.
SpeedSet Fortified Thin-Set Mortar
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STSP25 SpeedSet fortified thin-set mortar - grey - 25 lbs n/a721800 $37.50
Use SpeedSet Fast-Curing Bonding Mortar when time is a critical factor. Cures ultra fast - grout in just 2 hours, traffic in 6. Excellent for commercial use by experienced installers and for cold temperature installations. Works well for homeowner tile repairs and smaller jobs. Polymer-modified for high bond strength. Just add water and mix.
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