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*Effective May 1, 2024 — Price Adjustments

Update is an innovative, unglazed porcelain tile with a subtle pattern reminiscent of natural sandstone. This high quality technical line is suitable for all heavy duty applications such as airports and shopping malls, as well as any residential applications. Enhance your design with the coordinating and unique diagonal “groove” tile.
Made In Italy
Size: 12x24
Code: LE-UPD1224-BGE
Colour: Beige
Size: 12x24
Code: LE-UPD1224-GRE
Colour: Grey
Size: 12x24
Code: LE-UPD1224-TPE
Colour: Taupe
Size: 12x24
Code: LE-UPD1224-WHI
Colour: White
Groove pattern available in 24x48 format only.
Tile sizes/mosaics:

Size: 24x48
Code: LE-()

Size: 24x48 Groove DX
Code: LE-()

Size: 24x48 Groove SX
Code: LE-()

Size: 24x24
Code: LE-()

suggested list price, conversion & packaging specifications

Tile Size Pricing
(per piece)
(per sf)
Conversion Pieces
(per box)
Weight lbs.
(per piece)
Weight lbs.
(per box)
(per pallet)
(per pallet)
12x24 $15.26 $7.99 1.91 sf/pce 5 9.46 47.32 48 240
24x48 $99.24 $12.99 7.64 sf/pce 2 39.82 79.63 27 54
24x48 groove dx $99.24 $12.99 7.64 sf/pce 2 39.82 79.63 27 54
24x48 groove sx $99.24 $12.99 7.64 sf/pce 2 39.82 79.63 27 54
24x24 $30.44 $7.99 3.81 sf/pce 3 19.87 59.60 32 96
Important Note:
Shade variations are inherent characteristics of ceramic tile & natural stone products. The colours shown are indicative only & should not be used for final selection. Product specifications are supplied by the manufacturer & are subject to change without notice to you or to Euro Ceramic Tile Distributors Ltd. Prices are subject to change without notice; please contact Euro Tile for current prices & further information.
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