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April 15, 2021 — Includes price updates for Custom®, Nuheat, Better-Bench®, Recess-It® and Dow Corning®

Krea is a high quality, Italian made, glazed porcelain with striking linear patterns. This bold, eye catching tile is available in a wide range of contemporary colours, 2 finishes (honed & natural), 2 popular sizes (12x24 & 16x32), as well as coordinating mosaics. Discover the different design possibilities with the versatile Krea series.
Made In Italy
Size: 12x24
Code: SA-KRE1224-ALM
Colour: Almond
*Natural/Matte Finish (non-rectified)
Size: 12x24
Code: SA-KRE1224-BLK
Colour: Black
*Natural/Matte Finish (non-rectified)
Size: 12x24
Code: SA-KRE1224-BRN
Colour: Brown
*Natural/Matte Finish (non-rectified)
Size: 12x24
Code: SA-KRE1224-GRE
Colour: Grey
*Natural/Matte Finish (non-rectified)
Size: 12x24
Code: SA-KRE1224-SIL
Colour: Silver
*Natural/Matte Finish (non-rectified)
Tile sizes/mosaics:

Size: 16x32 Honed
Code: SA-()
*16x32 honed finish is rectified

Size: 16x32 Natural/Matte
Code: SA-()
*16x32 natural/matte is rectified

Size: 2x2 Natural/Matte Mosaic
Code: SA-()
*Mesh Mounted on a 11.81x11.81 sheet (rectified)

suggested list price, conversion & packaging specifications

Tile Size Pricing
(per piece)
(per sf)
Conversion Pieces
(per box)
Weight lbs.
(per piece)
Weight lbs.
(per box)
(per pallet)
(per pallet)
12x24 $15.50 $8.00 1.937 sf/pce 6 8.34 50.064 40 240
16x32 honed $50.02 $14.50 3.45 sf/pce 3 16.08425 48.25 60 180
16x32 natural/matte $43.13 $12.50 3.45 sf/pce 3 16.7825 50.35 60 180
2x2 natural/matte mosaic $28.59 $29.50 1.032 shts/sf 5 3.83 19.15 60 300
Important Note:
Shade variations are inherent characteristics of ceramic tile & natural stone products. The colours shown are indicative only & should not be used for final selection. Product specifications are supplied by the manufacturer & are subject to change without notice to you or to Euro Ceramic Tile Distributors Ltd. Prices are subject to change without notice; please contact Euro Tile for current prices & further information.
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