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  • Bricks

  • Bricks is a honed 2x4 mesh mounted mosaic and is available in an impressive array of 6 colours. With its unique size and eye catching appearance, Bricks offers design possibilities that are timeless.

    Tile sizes/mosaics:

    Size: 2x4

    Specifications [ 2x4 ]

    Application: FLOOR/WALL
    Finish: Honed
    Body: MARBLE
    Colour Variation: V3 MODERATE VARIATION
    Frost Resistant: No
    P.E.I. Rating: n/a
    MOHS Rating: n/a
    COF (Wet/Dry): n/a
    DCOF Rating: n/a
    Conversion & Packaging Specifications
    Thickness (mm): 10
    Pricing (per piece): $20.75
    Pricing (per sf): $20.75
    Conversion: 1 sf/sheet
    Weight per box (lbs): 56.59
    Pieces per box: 10
    Weight per piece (lbs): 5.66
    Boxes per pallet: 30
    Pieces per pallet: 300
    • cz-bri24-emp



    • cz-bri24-ne


      Nero Marquina

    • cz-bri24-nc


      Travertine Noce

    • cz-bri24-trac


      Travertine Classic

    • cz-bri24-bica


      Bianco Carrara

    • cz-bri24-bott



    Differences among pieces from the same production run are minimal.

    Clearly distinguishable differences in texture and/or Pattern with similar colour.

    While the colours present on single pieces of tile will be indicative of the colours to be expected on the other tiles, the amount of colours on each piece will vary significantly.

    Random colour differences from tile to tile, so that one tile may have totally different colours from that on other tiles. Thus, the final installation will be unique.

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